CERT logo Isles icon COMMUNITY EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM at The Isles on Palmer Ranch

Mission Statement:
The Isles on Palmer Ranch Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization created to enhance disaster preparedness and emergency response for the residents of The Isles.

We accomplish this through participation in community awareness events, various training programs and drills, and providing volunteer support to the Sarasota County Fire and Police Departments when a disaster strikes.

The damage caused by natural disasters and manmade events can be extensive. While emergency services personnel are the best trained and equipped to handle emergencies, they may not be immediately available following a disaster. In such a situation, volunteers of the community may be on their own for several days or longer. They may have to rely on their own resources for food, water, first aid, and shelter. Additionally, neighbors or coworkers may have to provide immediate assistance to those who are hurt or need help.

Community Emergency Response Teams respond in the period immediately after a disaster when response resources are overwhelmed or delayed. CERTs are a bridge to professional responders until they are able to arrive. While CERTs are a valuable asset in emergency response, CERTs are not trained to perform all of the functions to respond to the same degree as professional responders.

CERT functions:
  • Assist emergency services personnel when requested in accordance with standard operating procedures (SOPs) developed by the sponsoring agency and by area of training
  • Assume some of the same functions as emergency services personnel following a disaster
  • Prepare families and communities prior to emergencies and assist neighbors during an emergency when first responders are not immediately available
Isles CERT Leaders and Support Team:
  • Jim Fonk, MD, Incident Commander / Team Leader
  • Linda Cape, RN, Section Chief - Planning
  • Alice Sciarrino, Section Chief - Operations
  • Chelita Houston, Section Chief - Logistics & Supplies
  • 17 trained, certified team members
  • 44 non-certified team members